Do you ever find yourself wondering how you can shoot lower scores? Or maybe you have a good round going and start to get anxious about a possible bad shot that can destroy your score. Achieving your best score in golf can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are three key tips that will help you reach your goal.

Relax and Visualize

Success in golf (and life) starts with the mindset. If you are too tense, or too worried about things outside your control, you will not be able to play your best. Remember that golf, though many times frustrating, is supposed to be fun! Take a few deep breaths and try to relax. It may also help to visualize your perfect shot before you take your swing. See the ball flying through the air and landing exactly where you want it to. “Paint the masterpiece in your mind”. This visualization will help increase your confidence and enable you to take a smooth swing. Need a bit of help staying focused? Go Low is designed to help you feel more relaxed, banish jitters, and help you achieve the better shots more often!

Staying Within Yourself

It can get easy to try to do too much especially when you’re playing with people you want to impress. Not only does trying to hit “great” shots lead to tension, but it also makes it harder to hit the ball purely. “Playing with the game you showed up with” and not trying to do too much is important in golf if you’re going to shoot consistently low rounds.

Focus on Your Tempo

While your form is very important in golf, and a small change in your grip or stance can make a big difference in the outcome of your shot, what tends to matter even more is your tempo. Not overthinking and just taking smooth swings at the ball can fix a lot more problems than overthinking and worrying about having perfect form on every shot.

Improve your score by relaxing, staying within yourself, and focusing on good tempo instead of perfect mechanics next time you tee off! With a little practice, achieving your best score will become second nature. So go out there and have fun!

And remember, if you’re looking for the ultimate “unfair advantage” on the course, make sure you try Go Low today for greater composure and unshakable focus at tee time. Click here to try it out! >>>

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