Not As Much "Healthy Stuff" As The Other Brands

...and that's a good thing!

Everyone’s heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Turns out that is much closer to the truth than saying “100 apples a day keeps the doctor away”.

Why is that?

Because we really can have too much (or too little) of a good thing. For instance, drinking enough water every day is good, obviously. We know if we don’t get any water for multiple days, we die. On the flip side of that, if you filled up a glass the size of a swimming pool and drank it in 1 day, you’d probably be dead before you finished it.

By comparison, the supplement industry is filled with products with good intentions touting things like “The benefits of 50,000 blueberries in 1 can!”... or “Like eating 50lbs of fruits and veggies in 1 scoop”, etc… Now imagine what would happen if you really ate 50,000 blueberries in 10 minutes or 50 lbs of fruits and veggies in a day.

Now don’t get us wrong, these companies all have good intentions. Even the initial researchers behind BioFlav made the same mistake too when they were initially developing this product. Understandably, it’s everyone’s instinct to think: “If my product has the most stuff, it’ll be the best product.”


Turns out, thinking about nutrition like Big Pharma thinks about drugs is a mistake.

We only know this now because BioFlav started out as a research project for the US Military to try to turn “quercetin” (found in apples) into a pharmaceutical strength drug to help with inflammation… Remember the line an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, they thought if 1 apple was good, 100 apples has to be way better!


The researchers realized almost immediately during the initial stages of the clinical trial that giving the body massive quantities of something that is typically consumed in a natural way can have extremely harmful effects… because our bodies were never created to need 100 apples or 50,000 blueberries a day to allow our health to be optimized.

This caused the researchers to drastically rethink their objective, and decide: “Instead of finding the maximum amount the body can possibly handle, what is the minimal amount the body needs to allow the body to optimize its health?”

This was a revolutionary question to ask because until then (and still to this day), most companies treat health supplements like pharmaceutical companies treat drugs. Which is, to steal a line from Jerry Seinfeld: “Find out what is going to kill me, then back it off a little bit”.

But when it comes to actually optimizing your health, it’s about getting just the right amount of nutrition every day; and not forcing massive quantities of nutrients into your body that can cause excessive and unhealthy stress for it to deal with.

Turns out… Goldilocks had it right the whole time!

Let’s cut to the chase… What is the Goldilocks amount we need?

The established and trusted nutritional research and clinical trials that have repeatedly been tested, reviewed, and confirmed shows that getting a minimum of 340mg of powerful plant compounds called flavonoids each day is what leads to greater gut health, strong immunity, greater longevity, and improved overall health. We won’t bore you with a lesson about flavonoids (unless you want to read some studies here), but basically it’s the compounds in fruits and veggies that give them vibrant colors and help protect them from harsh elements. Basically, they bolster and protect our health when we digest them. BioFlav delivers just over 340mg per day without any of the calories, sugar or inconvenience of trying to eat fresh produce - so you can optimize your health by getting into the bottom of the Goldilocks Zone every day without worrying about overloading your body.

Consider it like healthy diet insurance. BioFlav gets you up to the minimum daily threshold for optimum health so you can just relax while you “try to eat healthy”. 😜

Make Every Day A Touchdown.

scientifically proven enhancement

Awarded patent for greater absorption and activation in the body. Backed by 5 clinical trials.

“Flavonoids from fruit and plant foods are imperative to long term health. Anyone choosing to lower caloric intake through appetite suppressants must take extra measures to ensure adequate levels of flavonoids from natural sources. I recommend BioFlavTM to anyone, but especially those looking for an effective natural supplement that won’t negatively affect weight loss.”

- David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM

“My weight loss left me feeling tired and unmotivated to be as active as normalbecause my energy would get so drained just by doing something as simple aswalking up stairs. Since I started taking BioFlavTM, my energy has come backsignificantly and I feel much better while still losing weight.”

- Tony, customer

“To be honest I didn’t feel a big difference, but then I started getting compliments on how good my hair and skin looked. That convinced me that BioFlavTM must be really working.”

- Heather, customer

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David C. Nieman
Director & Professor

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