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Harness many of the most important benefits of fruits and vegetables without the calories or sugar! BioFlavTM helps fill a dietary gap that can lead to a weakened immune system.

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The Story of BioFlav

Eating healthy lays a foundation for greater physical and mental health, but it can be tough with challenges like a hectic lifestyle and fresh produce being expensive and invconvenient. This has left many of us with nutritional "gaps" in our diet that keep our bodies from greater health.

Supplements can help, and one of the most important yet most difficult gaps to fill is the phytonutrient gap, specifically flavonoids, which come from fruits and vegetables.

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The Importance of Phytonutrients to Health

Imagine a beautiful, healthy tree full of leaves in the forest. Each year it drops its nutrient dense leaves to the ground where the soil breaks them down to keep the tree healthy year after year.

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But... if someone rakes away most of the leaves to make the ground look prettier, the soil will lose many of the nutrients the tree needs to maintain its health.

When the soil doesn't get all of the nutrients it needs, the tree's health is put at risk.

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If this continues to happen, the tree becomes unhealthy, ugly, and dies early.

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Your gut health is as important to your body as soilis to the health of a tree. Much like the soil of a tree, your gut uses phytonutrients to nourish your body.

The phytonutrient flavonoids are what your gut needs most to keep you the healthiest.

When we aren't eating healthy and getting the nutrients our bodies need, it's like raking the leaves away from a tree.

The average American is only getting about 1/4 of the flavonoids needed for optimal health and longevity.

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Inspired By Our Special Forces

BioFlavTM is the result of research originally fueled by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Peak Soldier Performance Program to help find convenient and effective ways to protect the health of our brave soldiers.

Meet the Flavonoids

Inside each capsule of BioFlavTM are the highest-quality natural flavonoid extracts found on the face of the earth. With such a rich diversity of compounds - green tea, bilberries, and quercetin make up the "holy-trinity" of flavonoids. But where the magic of BioFlavTM comes from is our patented, proprietary blend which truly brings these flavonoids to life.

By adding just the right amounts of high-quality flaxseed oil and vitamin C, BioFlavTM delivers an exponential increase in absorption and activation in the body - clinically proven to help transform your health, increase your energy & focus, and slow the aging process.*

green tea

Sourced from Asia, our green tea is cultivated, harvested, and processed to extract the maximum amounts of natural flavonoids. Two BioFlavTM capsules are equivalent to drinking nearly 2 cups of the highest quality green tea in the world.*


Found in Northern Europe, our wild bilberry extract is one of the most unique and pure products on earth. It contains an incredibly diverse flavonoid profile, providing a wide array of proven health benefits in a highly potent form.


Obtained from Northern Brazil, our pure quercetin extract is highly concentrated. In fact, the amount of quercetin extract in two BioFlavTM capsules is the flavonoid-equivalent of eating ten red delicious apples!

*12 week double-blind clinical trial was performed on this extract proprietary blend and proven to promote greater health in 100% of participants taking BioFlavTM compared to placebo.

scientifically proven enhancement

Awarded patent for greater absorption and activation in the body. Backed by 5 clinical trials.

“Flavonoids from fruit and plant foods are imperative to long term health. Anyone choosing to lower caloric intake through appetite suppressants must take extra measures to ensure adequate levels of flavonoids from natural sources. I recommend BioFlavTM to anyone, but especially those looking for an effective natural supplement that won’t negatively affect weight loss.”

- David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM

“My weight loss left me feeling tired and unmotivated to be as active as normalbecause my energy would get so drained just by doing something as simple aswalking up stairs. Since I started taking BioFlavTM, my energy has come backsignificantly and I feel much better while still losing weight.”

- Tony, customer

“To be honest I didn’t feel a big difference, but then I started getting compliments on how good my hair and skin looked. That convinced me that BioFlavTM must be really working.”

- Heather, customer

doctor recommended

David C. Nieman
Director & Professor

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